Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chaos and Effect : Theme Introduction

"Do I dare ,
Disturb the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse"

- The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock (T.S. Eliot)

Behind every invention lies buried a story that is not too enticing. The journey of all inventors is characteristic of pain, suffering , inhibitions and an overwhelming CHAOS ! A chaos that persists within the mind of the inventor , keeps misguiding and guiding him on his odyssey.

It is easy to succumb to the temptation of leading a life that is clinically correct. A life where each day is spent pondering over dental health , social gatherings and board meetings. To smile back at fake smiles of recognition , to show concern for issues that don`t actually bother and to tie oneself up with laces of relationships is something that is bred into the bones and happens effortlessly.

Right from birth each freeman is entangled within a web wound by education , morality and religion. In such a situation there is not much element of chaos involved . Chaos begins from the moment of hating the wrong that pretends to be right.

Chaos is the journey between what I hate and what I am or may be what I could be.
Between known religion and an unknown realisation comes Chaos.

Chaos is a state of mind where the age-old customary thought process is strangulated and killed.
A state where the genesis of a thought is independent of all existing knowledge.

Chaos breeds hatred for everything that is obvious and everything that is worshipped as convention. Chaos breeds selfishness in the form of not caring much for the world around. Chaos trains the mind to deal with rising eye-brows with a state of arrogance.

Chaos is hated by the god-fearing because each and every tale of chaos has consequentially led to a change that was lethal for previous knowledge.

Chaos leads to invention. Chaos calls for redefinition. Chaos causes a storm that uproots the firm pillars of establishment and mutiliates well loved facts beyond recognition.

NEEV '10 is a celebration of this million year old omnibus of stories of "Chaos and Effect". It is a tribute to the inventor of fire , the man who rolled the first wheel, the man who pressed the first trigger , the hand that waved from within the first engine that ran and each and every change that converted the garden of eden to the world today.

NEEV ' 10 salutes all warriors who fought not knowing who is an ally and who belongs to the other side of the fence.

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