Monday, August 16, 2010

straight from the gut !

(By Jaidip Kumar )

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
And heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour…" ----William Blake
Neev'10 is a coming of age! Of an institution, of a team, of identities and most importantly of ideas!
From ‘Shakespeare’ to ‘Duality’ to ‘War on war’, the themes before have majorly revolved around our manifestations and expressions, on giving a vent to the feelings that arise from within and without.
This year the theme makes an attempt to look inward and appears to be very much in sync with the youth of today. The storm that is raging inside each one of us, the conflicting ideas, the canned emotions, the commotion, the stir, and the volcanoes waiting to erupt.
But it is also about us finding peace with the ambivalence, the confrontations we have with our consciences every day and our coming to terms with it and about our fighting the wars with our inner selves and not caring about consequences.
And on the next level it is also about the most innate and quintessential spirits of man- innovation and ingenuity. At some level, all of us have not only come to terms with the commotion inside us but have also nonchalantly used it to constantly innovate and come up with excellent creations.
All these point at only one thing, the spirit of man to be able to use the chaos within him, his ability to pick the elements from there and ignite that spark of innovation. NEEV’10 is a celebration of that spirit!
It is a clarion call to shed all the inhibitions and apprehensions, of allowing one self to sink in the sea of uncertainty, of closing our superficial eyes only to find that enlightened vision, of finding that exquisite design in the shades of darkness, of humming that enrapturing note amidst all the cacophony and most importantly, in spite of all the turbulence, finding that long held dream… come true…
So, Consider and Explore… The clutter and elegance… The cacophony and euphony… The constraints and effervescence… The callousness and euphoria… The concoction and exclusivity… The cross section and essence…
Come and Experience…

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